our odd story

We may remember a time in our lives – during junior high and high school – where being different was the last thing we wanted. The everyday goal was to blend in and go with the flow. Now, every odd team member has a different philosophy, and we enjoy rocking the boat. We all believe that standing out in a crowd is exactly what it takes to be successful, and that being comfortable going against the grain and marching to the beat of your own drum is neccesary for individual happiness. This "odd" philosophy is what we want to bring to our clients. We want to make you stand out to your customers. We want to show people why you're different and why that's great. Because we can't all be successful if we're all doing exactly the same thing. In the words of the great Dr. Seuss, you have to be odd to be number one!​​

our odd team


creative director/marketer

I’m odd because I’m a creative soul who also loves numbers. I like to sketch, tinker and develop all aspects of a brand and the aesthetics for marketing and then dive into the results, crunch the numbers and love making and comparing graphs and charts. I want to know that the cool things I make are working!
favorite part of my job: that speechless moment when you reveal a design to a client that’s better than they expected
favorite place on earth: a toss up between my hammock and South America
spirit animal: Henry, my best friend & office dog
fun fact: I make the best veggie burgers from scratch!
areas of expertise:
graphic design: branding, collateral, print design, packaging, web design, illustrations and more
marketing: print and digital, referral programs, peer review programs, b2b, ROI tracking and analysis and more


brand strategist/communication specialist

I’m odd because I’m both reassuring and challenging. Recently a client told me I was her “woobie” in team work sessions. (If you’ve ever seen the movie Mr. Mom, you know what a woobie is.) Because I have a background in graphic design, writing and business, I bring an odd combination of perspectives when planning strategy or creative campaigns – to move from big picture to the nitty gritty of execution.
favorite part of my job: making clear and beautiful from confusing and messy
favorite place on earth: ocean-side at sunset
spirit animal: dolphin
fun fact: I’ve been an Apple computer user since 1985
areas of expertise:
brand strategy: promise and key message development, competitive analysis, architecture, identity and standards
strategic communication: writing and editing, communication audits, on-brand voice project and process management


seo/inbound marketing guru   

I’m odd because I can’t really sing, yet I can’t stop coming up with odd little songs (just ask my wife). I’m an experienced inbound marketer who loves working with clients from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds. For me, it’s really rewarding to get the opportunity to be a part of these businesses, to learn what challenges they face and what truly makes them unique! 
favorite part of my job: solving significant challenges with my team
favorite place on earth: Western North Carolina
spirit animal: Falcon...you can call me the Falconer!
fun fact: I can’t whistle...
areas of expertise:
inbound marketing guru: Skilled in search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, copywriting, storytelling, project management, Wordpress, competitive research, data analytics - plus, I’m a quick learner.

marketing assistant

I’m odd because I'm always absorbing and analyzing information. I can seem shy at first, but I frequently surprise people with what I know and do.
favorite part of my job: I love that I get to be a creator, instead of just a number cruncher as in past positions.
favorite place on earth: Pisgah National Forest
spirit animal: my dog, Sierra. She's taught me so much about myself and about living a good life!
fun fact: I'm still a bit out of sorts after my husband and I moved to Asheville from NJ on short notice. We are loving it here so much, though!
areas of expertise: I'm pretty well rounded… I have knowledge about social media, graphic design, web design and writing. I'm also taking classes at A-B Tech towards a Digital Technologies degree, with a focus on graphic and web design.