our odd story

We may remember a time in our lives – during junior high and high school – where being different was the last thing we wanted. The everyday goal was to blend in and go with the flow. Now, every odd team member has a different philosophy, and we enjoy rocking the boat. We all believe that standing out in a crowd is exactly what it takes to be successful, and that being comfortable going against the grain and marching to the beat of your own drum is neccesary for individual happiness. This "odd" philosophy is what we want to bring to our clients. We want to make you stand out to your customers. We want to show people why you're different and why that's great. Because we can't all be successful if we're all doing exactly the same thing. In the words of the great Dr. Seuss, you have to be odd to be number one!

our odd team



favorite part of my job:  that speechless moment when you reveal a design to a client that's better than they expected
favorite place on earth:  a toss up between my hammock and South America
spirit animal:  Henry
fun fact:  i make the best veggie burgers from scratch!


project manager

favorite part of my job:  working with new clients to figure out what we can do to make their business more succesful. i like being able to translate their needs to projects for the team and then watching those projects take shape.
spirit animal:  wolf
fun fact:  i'm a magician when it comes to scouting out great thrift store finds


quality assurance manager/snack tester

favorite part of my job:  petting. snacks. petting. snacks.
favorite place on earth:  under my office desk
spirit animal:  definitely a human
fun fact:  i give the best high fives