A company's brand identity is its face, how it presents itself to its consumers. The components of the brand (name, logo, tone, tagline, typefaces, imagery) should be designed to reflect the company's products or services, but also its personality and value. A well-executed brand identity also should illustrate to customers the value that the brand can bring to their lives.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  1. Good Samaritan Clinic Brand Identity; logo, business card, brochure, website.
  2. This is a preview of the responsive site design created for Good Samaritan Clinic.
  3. Good Samaritan print materials: business cards, brochure and newsletter
good samaritan clinic
brand identity      website      collateral     print & digital newsletter     promotional brochure
blue ridge orthodontics
brand identity       collateral      print & digital marketing      signage     internal branding    website      patient expereince materials      referral program
  1. >Garbage Branding, logo, busienss cards, responsive website, event promotion
  2. >Garbage Branding responsive website
  3. >Garbage Branding print materials; business cards and event promotion
  1. The Whole Plate Website
  2. The Whole Plate Branding Package
  3. Printed posters created for the interior of The Whole Plate
  4. The Whole Plate Environmental Branding
  5. The Whole Plate Environmental Branding
  6. The Whole Plate Menu
brand identity      website      collateral      event promotion
whole plate
brand identity      collateral     promotional materials     menu, placemat, centerpiece    environmental branding (the space)    posters   

A company's logo is the brand cornerstone, and one of its primary functions is identification. A well-designed logo should stand out in the market while relating to the business. A memorable logo, when applied with frequency and consistency, creates brand awareness and allows consumers to recognize a product or service at a glance.
The main function of packaging is to sell the product. Packaging should give details about the product at a glance, as well as protecting and managing handling of the product. The packaging also should relate to the theme and purpose of the product.

  1. Managing Director
  2. The Box was created to help consumers more easily grow their own trees. The package was divided into three separate, wax-coated boxes - one with plastic windows (like a greenhouse) for sprouting seeds, one for dirt to start the trees, and one with a pour spout to serve as a watering can.
  3. The Box Infographic
  4. The Box Soaking Jar
  5. The Box Seed Pacakges
  1. The Dirt Bag Candy Gang Packaging Project
  2. The Dirt Bag Candy Gang Packaging Project, Tags
  3. Dirt Bag Candy Logo
ads & print projects
Print communications can range from actual magazine and newspaper advertisements to flyers, direct mail, or anything else that is "portable printed media." The main purpose of these pieces is to get your information in front of a particular audience, at a particular moment. For example, your aim could be to get your ad for bandages in front of a mom reading a parent magazine. There are also many "unconventional" ways to execute print solutions to keep the medium more in line with your brand or product.
An infographic is a visual image used to represent data or information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-digest manner. Infographics can be used in any business, but are particulary handy for companies with products or services with detailed steps, or who put out large amounts of data to their customers on a regular basis.
Posters serve many purposes – from event promotion, to basic advertising and product launch to pure decoration. Regardless of the poster's mission, it should be nice to look at and easy to understand!
  1. This section includes some of our favorite posters
  2. Community Clean-up Poster
  3. International Compost Day Poster
  4. Art Show Poster
  5. Famulari's Oktoberfest Poster
  6. Hip-E Fest Poster
  7. Vintage Logo Show Poster
  8. The Whole Plate Poster, Number 1
  9. The Whole Plate, Poster 2
  10. The Whole Plate, Poster 3
  11. The Whole Plate, Poster 4
  12. "Happy Birthday" Poster/Card
Yes, we do more than just regular graphic design and marketing. This section includes illustrations, artwork, wedding invitations and more. Even if you don't see the type of design or marketing that you're looking for, shoot us a message and ask if we can do it. If we can, we'll do it and do it well. If we can't, we'll give you our best contact to meet your needs.
  1. Car Illustration for "The Great Inventions of Ohio" book
  2. Plane Illustration for "The Great Inventions of Ohio" book
  3. Illustration for The Whole Plate, featuring one of the founders
  4. Illustration for The Whole Plate, featuring one of the founders
  5. Illustration for The Whole Plate, featuring one of the founders
  6. The Whole Plate Chicken
  7. The Whole Plate Cow
  8. "Caboose"
  9. "Sandwich"
  1. "TJ" charcoal drawing
  2. "Lined chair," Charcoal drawing of a chair covered in a striped sheet.
  3. "Relaxed," charcoal drawing of a chair covered in a striped sheet.
  4. "This is me," charcoal drawing of a nude female
  1. "Great Inventions of Ohio," A book written and illustrated to help teachers in Ohio educate their students about the inventions from their state.
  2. "An evening smoke," A portrait shot on 35mm black and white film
  3. A card designed and fixed to a pivot that could be spun like a wheel to tell the recipient "You are ____" for their birthday.
  4. Rustin wedding invitations
  5. Eclectic Wedding Invitations
  6. Eclecting Wedding RSVP's
odds & ends