what is marketing?
Marketing is the act of positioning yourself in a market to educate customers about why they should buy your product or service over your competitors. It's the "Why you? Why now?"

"Marketing" is something that businesses and individuals often think is one process you can carry out. There isn't just one "marketing" thing that will automatically make you successful. "Marketing" is an umbrella term that encompasses many different processes and actions that – when executed properly and to the right market – can position you as the "go to" in a particular market.
the marketing umbrella
Most people are familiar with traditional forms of marketing, but marketing has evolved a great deal in the last decade and continues to evolve daily. Odd can help you figure out what new marketing strategies and campaigns might best fit your market and product or service. Here are some of the marketing pieces/campaigns that we can help you put in place.

Direct Mail
Print Ads/Materials
Referral Programs
Social Media
Online Targeting/Retargeting
Online Ads
Guerilla Marketing
"Freebie" Marketing
Content Driven Marketing

how we help you
Here's the process
1. Fill out our online contact form (below), email or call us to set up your first complimentary strategy meeting.
2. Odd conducts an internal strategy meeting.
3. We evaluate the market.
4. We assess your competitors and their efforts.
5. We compare you to your competitors.
5. We prepare a proposal with our marketing recommendations.
6. We meet (by phone or in person) to discuss the proposal.
7. We make refinements to the proposal, if neccesary.
8. We put a portion of our plan in place.
9. We track the input and results every step of the way.
10. We evaluate the results.
11. If the results could be improved, we tweak our appraoch. If they don't need amended, we take the market by storm.
12. You sell more products, gain more customers, make more money.
Let's get this marketing party started! Send us a note, and let us know what you're looking for!