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what’s work

without a whole lotta play?

looking for the downloadable play sheets?

why play?

play and work go together – at least they should. 

we’ve created a culture where work has become a focal point. upon meeting new people, one of the first questions is “what do you do for work?” 

work is important, and enjoying the work we do is important. but, even when we LOVE what we do, work isn’t the same as play. we need play to reset.

i enjoy dancing around the house, having picnics, making blanket forts, inventing new (and sometimes weird) recipes, and having costume parties. 

how do you love to play? 


play is so central to my life, that it gets its own page on my work website. i wouldn’t have work without play.

discovering my need for play was a long process of being burnt out and unfulfilled by work. i thought i hated what i do. turned out, i just hated not prioritizing time to act like a kid. 

ready to play?

i try to share the child-like activities that i enjoy. i creatae lists of fun experiences that will make you feel like a kid again. just download a sheet, cut the prompts into piecse and drop them into a jar for when you need a little extra umph in your life.

a couple times a year, i plan to upload new play sheets to encourage all of you out there to have more fun!

try it out!

the impact of play

A.S., the heart & hand massage

play taught me to love myself again, and through loving myself i learned to re-love my passions


play is what encouraged me to switch careers. i was really stuck. when i started playing again as an adult, i remembered that i do still enjoy things and i want to enjoy my job too. 

share your stories of play below

share your story of play

how has re-learning to play impacted your life as an “adult”?

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