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General FAQ’s

What is marketing?

Marketing is the process of defining and streamlining your services, then researching, promoting and selling those products or services to a determined target market. Effective marketing is ongoing. Because the market and your target audience is forever changing, testing and research need to be done continually. If you’re not evaluating your numbers and marketing strategy several times a month, consider doing so because your competitors are.

Why does my business need marketing?

In order to experience steady growth, think of marketing as a monthly investment instead of an occasional task. Instead of just hiring a graphic designer to tackle miscellaneous projects a couple times a year, you’ll experience more growth and success working with Odd Marketing and Designs year round. We work with businesses to establish their cost per customer, their return on investment for each marketing strategy and build a wealth of data to inform future marketing decisions for your business. Because we work with many different businesses, our clients get the benefit of the knowledge that we derive from all of our work, as well as our continued education and combined expertise.

When you work with our experienced team, we uncover new opportunities, create long term strategies, marketing plans and goal calendars, and build traction for your business!

How long does it take to see the results of my marketing efforts?

Because marketing is an ongoing process and not a magic trick, seeing results can take some times. With online and digital marketing, we look for results in no less than two months. Getting started with marketing is an uphill battle, especially if your competitors are already aggressively marketing themselves, but the sooner you get started the better.

It is possible that you’ll see results sooner than two months, but the impact will vary by industry, budget and individual business. If you’re looking to great continued growth for your business, expect to commit to an extended relationship with your marketing professional so you can be guided in the best, most productive and most sustainable direction.

What types of marketing does Odd Marketing and Designs offer?

Odd specializes in marketing training and consulting, product and service marketing, business to business marketing, business to consumer marketing, consumer to consumer marketing, as well as email marketing and marketing automation (using Keap/Infusionsoft, Sharpspring, MailChimp and others), digital marketing, and product or business launches.

We execute these type of marketing for business across many industries of various sizes and goals. We offer medical, dental and orthodontic specific marketing trainings and consulting packages that are outlined on here (will link to other site/landing page for this niche).

If you’re curious how Odd could grow your business, click here (link to contact for) to fill out a form and we’ll set up a time to talk or meet and strategize about how we can make your business boom.

Branding FAQ’s

What is the difference between a company logo and branding?

Your logo is just one piece of your brand. Your logo is an important part of your brand as the primary visual representation of your company, but there are many other parts that make up your brand. Engaging branding ties together every element of your company to make a deeper connection with your customers.

Do I really need a custom logo?

Yes! Your company’s logo is a prospective customer’s first impression of your brand, so it’s important to stand out and be true to your company’s unique identity.

What is a brand?

Your brand is the identity of your company. It is made up of your logo, your products and services, your customer experience, your social media, and everything you do. It is critical to your company’s success to have a plan for creating consistency across all platforms of your brand. 

Why is my brand identity critical to my company’s success?

A consistent and constant brand identity helps customers to feel connected to your brand and keeps them engaged. Engaged customers will become loyal fans, recommend you to friends and family and continually support your business.

How do I develop a brand identity?

Developing a brand identity is a fun and worthwhile process. With a strong identity, your company’s marketing and promotional efforts will be much more successful! Through conducting a brand audit, identifying mission statement and values and analyzing competitors, Odd Marketing and Designs will develop a strong brand identity and style guide that will propel your company forward and guide all future marketing efforts.

Graphic Design FAQ’s

What does a graphic designer do that I can't?

At Odd, our graphic designers do more than draw up pretty pictures or fiddle in Photoshop. Graphic designers are generally creative people by nature, but Odd’s founding partners, Audra and Martha, both received Bachelor’s degrees and have years of experience working with the design principles across different mediums, for many clients and on tons of projects.

A complete understanding of the graphic design principles is really what sets Odd designers apart from business owners using Canva or Photoshop. This understanding allows us to transmit required messages and values of your brand visually to your customers through the use of color, typography, space, balance, form and lines.

Our designers are also cross trained in the realms of marketing, web design and business development, allowing us to see how the design that we’re creating will integrate with your larger plan for your business. Working with designers that understands these other parts of your business also helps you to cut costs by paying one individual or organization instead of having one group for marketing, one for design and paying for communication between the two.

Why should I hire a designer instead of using free tools like Canva?

You can get more professional results in less time by hiring Odd Marketing and Designs to handle your graphic design. Since we’re trained graphic designers, we can use our specialized skills to your advantage while you focus on using your skills to help your business.

As a business owner, your time is extrememly valuable. Whether that’s straightening smiles, handling inventory or making pizzas, we want you to get the best return on your time!

What can a graphic design help me with?

Graphic designers are branding specilists. That means we don’t just sketch out logos. We are trained to pay attention to the fine characteristics of brands, companies and the people who run them and then develop those qualities into a visual brand. 

Other items a graphic designer might help you with: 

  • Internal onboarding forms
  • Employee handbooks
  • Office posters and signage
  • New customer/patient intake forms
  • Business cards, letterhead, enevelopes and other collateral
  • Banners, pop-ups, tents and other event marketing materials
  • Rack cards, hand outs and pamphlets for business-to-business marketing
  • Referral cards, coupons, promotional signs and ads for business-to-consumer marketing
  • T-shirts, water bottle designs, stickers and other promotional materials
  • Social media posts, stories and advertisements
  • Packaging
  • Your website design
  • Anything that your team or your customers might see! 

Web Design & Developement FAQ’s

How much does a website cost?

Website costs vary based on the number of pages, content, whether content is provided by the client or written by us, design, project timeline, custom development and add-ons (like shopping carts and e-commerce).

The best way to get an accurate price for your website is to set up free consultation with a project manager and discuss the needs and functionality of your website. If you’re working with a website design and development professional, you should expect the base fee to start out somewhere around $4,750 and increase based on your additional needs. You can see a list of our base prices on our pricing page with an idea of what is included for each of our website options. Keep in mind, that all website projects begin with client discovery and a kick-off meeting, during which we will asses your needs and build out a plan and pricing that fits your project. 

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are where customers end up after clicking a post or ad. They’re extensions of your promotion and enable customers to take the action on your advertisement such as ordering a product or filling out a form. A motivating landing page can be the difference between a potential customer going to a competitor or becoming a customer!

Why is it important to have a user-friendly website?

We can’t stress enough how critical having a strong web presence is! Most people look a company up online before deciding to visit or do business with them. If they can’t find your site, locate what they’re looking for or aren’t impressed with what they see, you’re missing out on their business!

What kind of maintenance is recommended for our business website?

It’s important to keep your website updated with current offers and information on a regular basis. At Odd Marketing and Designs, we offer training to show you how to update your website and keep attracting new customers. We can show you exactly how to add new arrivals, promotions and information to your site as often as needed. If you’re not so tech savvy, we’re also happy to maintain your site for you!
With the ever evolving nature of the internet and search engine specifications, it’s also important to keep your website’s back-end maintained to keep your SEO current and your appearance updated. Luckily, our SEO specialist and web designer have you covered!

What platform should I use for my website?

There are a lot of options out there for creating websites. These range in their offerings as well as their learning curves. If you decide to build your website yourself with little to no experience, plug-and-play builders, offered through platforms like WebsiteBuilder and SquareSpace, allow you to create a site with minimal to no coding knowledge.

Our recommendation for clients is always WordPress. WordPress takes more time to learn, but the integrations and features make it well worth it. If you are planning on growing your business anytime in the future, a WordPress website will give you the foundation to add on e-commerce, integrate with your email provider, connect to your email marketing and CRM platform (to automate responses, track and market to leads and sell your products and services). 

You might be thinking that you’ll start with a DIY builder first, and then call the pros. However, having worked with many clients who have taken this approach, we can tell you it’s easier to do something right the first time – especially something as big and as important as a website – than it is to try to make the switch in the middle of your busy season! 

Event & Promotion FAQ’s

How can events and promotions benefit my business?

Some business owners believe that events and promotions are too expensive, complicated or time consuming for their brand to take on. At Odd Marketing and Designs, we disagree! We can help you get the most out of your investment, as well as suggest clever low-cost options to maximize reach. With our help, you’ll uncover all the potential events and promotions can provide your business. We’ll help you leverage every aspect of your promotion and community, as well as create timelines and outlines to efficiently execute your promotion and get the attention of your target audience.

Social Media FAQ’s

Why is social media important for my business?

Social media is an essential for growing businesses. Social media content helps you connect with potential and existing customers, increases brand awareness and loyalty, and boosts sales. Over three billion people around the world use social media regularly, and these social media users tend to browse businesses’ website and social media before making a purchasing decision. If your online presence doesn’t stack up to your competitors, you’ll lose their business.
Odd Marketing and Design can give you the insight and skills you need to build your brand’s authority, leverage social media to your advantage, and make memorable first impressions that win loyal customers for your brand.

How can I make the most of my brand's social media presence?

For many business owners, social media can be a large time investment and a burden on their already busy schedule. However, it doesn’t have to be that way!
Do you feel overwhelmed by the time it takes to keep your social media and web presence updated? We can help! By learning how to manage social media content and employing clever strategies to maximize your time spent online, you’ll create more time in your day. Contact us about social media management training to get started and see the amazing results for yourself!

Marketing Automation & Email Marketing FAQ’s

What is marketing automation?
Marketing automation is the process of automating sales or contacts to your leads and customers. This is done with the use of software, our recommendations are Keap and Sharpspring, that allows you to effectively target customers with marketing messages across channels including email, websites, social media and text messages to generate sales leads.
These automated processes can remind your patients when they have appointments, ask your customers to pay bills, let a customer know that their favorite prodcut is back in stock, ask for review after purshacses or store visits, and so much more! 
How much does email marketing cost?
What you’ll pay will vary on the software that you choose. If you are looking at email marketing automation, we recommend Keap Max Classic, which costs $200+ a month depneding on the number of contacts you need to email to. When you start with Keap, you should also expect to pay an onboarding fee (usually $1,500+) to get your business profile set up, contacts imported, integrations set up, and first campaigns created. 
How much time will email marketing save me?
The current measurement is 10+ hours per week! If you value your time at $50/hour, that’s $2,000 you’re saving per month, PLUS you get an extra 40 hours of work. What business owner doesn’t need an extra work week? 

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